Phone Personals - Highlighting the Advantages and Disadvantages

by Clint Knight

Every single red blooded man and woman is dreamy eyed with thoughts of dating, mating, and falling in love (disclaimer: not always in that order) perhaps finding a special someone and living a life overflowed by true romance and liking. However, life and the stress of managing home and work each day takes its toll; many people do not know where to go to find dates.

Phone chat services have been in existence for decades. You can encounter all walks of life that you may not experience first hand in real life. When something is used properly only good can result, however, there are people out in cyberspace who do get a kick out of being weird!

How do phone personals services work? They can be a fun, interactive and discreet method of calling people, connecting with other singles in and around your area and also chatting with new friends. There are numerous online sites that offer an integrated voice personals system, finding a good one is up to you.

Some of the features offered by these sites include: a mailbox set up, the option to record a public message, online browsing of profiles and personals, sending of free messages and connections through live chat.


One of the foremost benefits of these sites are the opportunities they provide to meet someone without fear of rejection. The people who put ads on a phone personals site are the ones genuinely looking for a mate, for friendship, love and romance. Lots of people are shy. Haha, but don't come knocking on my door when no one responds to your personal. It really is an easy way to step a little out of your comfort zone and see what happens.

Although! You are still in full control, managing your search for an interest, choosing whom to talk with and date. You can do a search whenever you want or stop searching whenever you want to. You don't have to dress up and go out to a singles bar to wait and hope for a connection to manifest with someone. Just put yourself out there!

You get to browse through profiles (keep your wits about you - some could be nothing more than a bunch of lies) of people from all over the world. There are no limitations on how many people you speak to and how many friends you can make.

Phone dating provides a great way to shed your embarrassment, come out of your shell and get rid of any awkwardness you may be facing.

Anonymity is a big advantage; you can make friends and talk to people but you don't have to actually meet them until you are good and ready. You can use the talk time to gauge the person's behavior, mannerisms and attitude. The subconscious is very capable of interpreting and getting a good feel for another persons vibe and helps determine if any compatibility is felt with voice alone.

On the downside, you need to be aware that the same anonymity that is beneficial to you is also very beneficial to a person who is on the same site for some fun and games. There are people who lie and cheat so you need to exercise caution when revealing information about yourself.

Thanks for listening:) -Clint Knight
Phone personals open up a whole new world, broadens your horizons and adds alot of fun to your life.